Wednesday Bible Study

Relax and Enjoy!

Every week, we come together for dinner, fellowship, and the study of God's Word.  The atmosphere is relaxed and discussion is encouraged! Come join us as we study together in the depths of the Scriptures.

The Parables & Metaphors of Christ

We just started this new study. Beginning with the greatest sermon ever preached, we will study the parabolic method and the metaphors Christ used as He preached.  Find out how and why Jesus used this method to communicate with those who gathered to listen to Him!

The Book of Hebrews

It was in depth! Just a little over a year was spent studying the Book of Hebrews. Little did we know the path that it would take as we found within the pages of this letter, the Minister in the Sanctuary and the Mediator of the New Covenant!

The Gospel of Mark

We spent 30 weeks mining this Gospel... paragraph by paragraph... using the Greek text as our guide. It was a wonderful opportunity to see Jesus as viewed thru the eyes of Peter. HE is the man Christ Jesus!