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"Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.  At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ..." – Colossians 4:2-3

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you!" – I Thessalonians 5:16-18

"You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many." – 2 Corinthians 1:11

We are deeply honored to have the privilege of joining with you to bring your needs before the Lord.

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Pastor Mark for Dixie received Sep 21, 2020

Prayed for 38 times

Please pray for Dixie. She is dealing with major medical issues. She was rushed to ER late last night with symptoms of a stroke. Over the last few days her health has been of grave concern to her family. Though she has recovered rapidly, she is still in the hospital and under observation, as the doctors are unable to confirm what is going on right now. Pray too, that her husband would respond to the Lord during this time.

René For Tammie received Sep 20, 2020

Prayed for 37 times

Please lift up Tammie as she is making travel arrangements for her husband Lee (as soon as he returns from a hunting trip) to join her to fly to Michagin. Lee's mother Wilma is back in the hospital and is not doing very well. Pray that they'll be able to get back to see her, especially pray that they'd be filled with God's peace during this difficult time. Tammie had initially made plans to make this trip to be with her mother. Pray that the time she is able to visit with her mom will be all the sweeter even if it winds up being shorter than they had initially planned.🌻

Tammie Smith received Sep 17, 2020

Prayed for 33 times

Lee's mom, Wilma, is back in the hospital -- she fell and has broken ribs, pelvis and toe. She is on a morphine drip. A DNR has been activated. Please pray for Lee's brother and sister who have power of attorney if she isn't able to regain clear thought. Lee is out hunting.

Vera E. received Sep 16, 2020

Prayed for 50 times

My sister Laura R. (lives in Texas) needs to find a 2-3 bedroom home so that they can get custody of the granddaughter. She and husband are also grieving the death of their daughter, the granddaughter's mom. Please pray for the door to literally open for a home, and favor from the landlord. she is also having day surgery to remove a lump in her uterus; please also pray that this will be covered completely by insurance and that she won't have out of pocket costs so that she will have the money when the home the LORD opens for them. It's all so complicated, but we serve a GOD who does the impossible

Lillian received Sep 15, 2020

Prayed for 56 times

UPDATE 9/16: Nathan is home from the hospital. He has a small fracture in a vertebra in his neck and a concussion. Please continue to pray for his complete healing. Original Request: Please join me and Claude in prayer for our son Nathan. Claude took him to the hospital about 11:30 today. The garage door fell on him full force. It's hit his neck and knocked him to the ground. We ask the Lord for peace and comfort for him and his wife Kami, as well as Gabriel his 7 year old son who was upset. We ask that God's perfect will will be done in Nathan's health care and in all other areas. Thank you very much for praying.

Vera received Sep 5, 2020

Prayed for 91 times

I am asking to pray about my family in Russia. My mother and brother contracted COVID-19. My brother has a high temperature. Luckily, they don’t have chest pain or coughing. My dad is the only who didn’t get sick so he is taking care of them two. I am asking to pray about their speedy recovery.

Debby received Aug 31, 2020

Prayed for 98 times

Update 9/6: My dad was released from the hospital on Thursday (which probably should not have happened because my mom can not take care of him on her own). There was an incident Friday morning that my mom had to get help getting him up off the couch. My uncle couldn't even get him up so they had to call the fire department to help. This morning the physical therapist came by and my dad's blood pressure was very high. So he is back in the emergency room. Odis and I are flying down tomorrow night, because there are many decisions to be made and I have power of attorney. Continue to pray for my parents and for us as we travel. This covid situation has us a bit nervous about traveling, but it seems we have no choice. ORIGINAL REQUEST: I just received a phone call from my mom in Texas to let me know my dad has been taken by ambulance to the hospital because he is having chest pains. She could not go with him because of the covid situation. Please pray for healing and peace.

Pastor Mark for Andy & his wife Dor received Jun 10, 2020

Prayed for 279 times

UPDATE 9/21: Andy just texted me and asked that we pray for Dori because she is in excruciating pain in her hip and unable to walk. UPDATE 9/1: Please continue to pray for my friend's wife . She is having better days and is slowly improving. They are very grateful for God's touch upon her! ORIGINAL Request 6/10: Andy's wife, Dori, is very ill and has gone from doctor to doctor with little progress. After traveling state to state and hospital to hospital, they are now struggling to keep her stable. She now has to take medication just to keep her heart beating while she sleeps! Even though they are strong believers, the situation is almost overwhelming for all of them. Please lift them to the Lord in prayer, that He would show Himself mighty in their lives and that these great needs would be met in a marvelous way.

Karen received May 16, 2020

Prayed for 393 times

Update: 09/10/20 Thank you for your prayers for me during this time of unemployment. Please continue to lift me up to the Lord for his direction and will concerning full time work. In the meantime, I had an interview today for a part-time job in a ministry our church supports. Please join the director of this ministry and me in prayer for God’s direction and will as to whether or not I am a good fit for this position. It is a permanent position, and the Director knows that I will continue to seek a full-time job with medical benefits and better pay to meet my expenses. We are praying for His will and guidance for the ministry in filling the position with the right person; and me with regards to how I might serve this ministry whether as an employee or volunteer now and whether or not I’m employed elsewhere in the future. Thanks be to God for his faithfulness. Original Request 5/16: I have been terminated from my job. Please pray for me in this situation, that I will be attuned to God’s plan for me in my path forward. Thank you.

Dianna received May 3, 2020

Prayed for 442 times

UPDATE: 9/16 Dianna has asked for prayer, specifically that the Lord will guide the Dr's as they perform a minor surgery sometime during in the next few days, in order for her to be released from the hospital so that she can finally go home. UPDATE 8/24: Dianna is much improved and very grateful for all of the prayers on her behalf. Her surgery was successful and her body is slowly healing. She is hopeful that the Drs. will allow her to return home in the next few weeks. Original request: Please pray for Dianna Rowedder, Katie Chapman's daughter & Nila's sister. She is dealing with a medical problem which is extremely painful. She has been to multiple Dr.s & they have not been able to completely identify the problem. Please pray for physical, mental, & spiritual healing & a definitive diagnosis & treatment.

René for Chuanpit in Thailand received Mar 1, 2020

Prayed for 489 times

UPDATE 8/24: Irene's special treatments have been largely successful and we continue to pray for her full and complete healing! Original Request: Please join Chuanpit as she is trusting the Lord that her daughter Irene will be healed. Irene has stage four liver cancer, but there is a new treatment that she is willing to try. Please pray that the treatment is effective and that she will be healed completely. Chuanpit's husband recently died of complications from cancer. Please hold her up to the Lord, as she is a strength and support to her daughter during this difficult time. Irene is a joy filled Christian and those around her believe she has much yet to do for God's Kingdom here on earth! 🌻

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